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Purple Palette Portraits for Colie



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Have you ever heard of Purple Palette Portraits? Well, I haven’t either. However, I have this friend who is OBSESSED with the color purple. Not the movie “The Color Purple,” the ACTUAL color purple. Actually, she has a 2nd Instagram account dedicated to her favorite color.

We shot these Purple Palette Portraits in a Cleveland hotel during a recent visit to Ohio. I’ll share more about how I shot these images in a hotel room in a later post. It was quite the setup – minimal but efficient. I can also share how I got the purple palette for the portraits with the actual lighting. So, stay tuned for that!

Colie and I know each other because she is the Managing Director of Marketing for my biggest commercial client, Arrow Senior Living. She is a little rockstar at marketing things and project management, so we get to work on a lot of projects together (like this Cribs episode).

I shot a variety of lighting setups, as you will see below (and in the rest of the images in this post), and she brought a variety of different vibes, from edgy to vintage to comfy/cozy. What a fun photo shoot!

Give her a follow in Instagram, and come back for more of her photos!

Talk to you soon,

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