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NWA Engagement Photos for Savannah and Karl



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Photographing NWA Engagement Photos might just be my favorite thing.

NWA engagement photos with bradford pear trees in full bloom as the bride and groom to be take romantic photographs.

There is no timeline crunch of a wedding day, but the couple is equally in love. That’s certainly the truth for Savannah and Karl… who are obsessed with each other. It shows so clearly in the engagement portraits we took of them around Northwest Arkansas recently. You might remember Savannah as Miss Arkansas USA (and Top 5 at Miss USA) pageants (and from this boudoir blog post). And you might know Karl from U of A Hogs football. They are a dreamy couple! Much deserving of the #BennyBacklight we were able to capturing during this photo shoot!

beautiful couple kissing at sunset during golden hour for their NWA Engagement Photos

When we scheduled their NWA Engagement Photos, I was afraid it was going to be cold and dreary. You never know what the weather in Northwest Arkansas is going to be for engagement portraits, but we were delighted with warm weather. Oh, and golden light, which you KNOW I love!

We found some off-the-beaten path portrait spots for Karl and Savannah’s NWA Engagement Photos. I love a good row of tall trees that give the illusion we are somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, haha!

And I was DELIGHTED to see the Bradford Pear trees in full bloom for their NWA Engagement Photos. Aren’t they dreamy? The have a light and airy quality to them that make these portraits timeless. Funny story… did you know that Bradford Pear trees are actually quite stinky? Hahaha! I wasn’t aware of this until we got all up in the branches for these moody and airy portraits.

Talk to you soon,

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