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Northwest Arkansas Boudoir Photographer / Savannah’s Boudoir Session



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Savannah’s Boudoir Session by Northwest Arkansas Boudoir Photographer

I had the opportunity to shoot Savannah’a boudoir pictures at the 1907 Building Lofts in downtown Rogers. She is an actual, literal beauty queen (serving as both Miss Arkansas in 2016 and Miss Arkansas USA in 2019), so she has spent a lifetime in front of a camera. She has posing down to an art (and taught me a few new moves too!). She’s also one of the nicest human beings on earth and is a law school graduate.

Northwest Arkansas Boudoir Photographer Tyler Benfield shoots a brunette in a bra lying on a wood plank floor

I want to tell y’all something, though. She told me that she will still sometimes get a little nervous. Even with all her confidence and experience and beauty, she will sometimes feel the same doubts as so many other women. And that got me to thinking.

As women, we tend to be our own worst critics. We find flaws in ourselves, externally and internally, that no one else would ever see. We talk ourselves down, we deflect compliments, we suffer imposter syndrome.

When I look at these boudoir pictures of Savannah, I see a woman who is wonderfully, beautifully self-assured. A strong, smart, capable woman who overcomes self-doubt and who loves being inside her skin. When we finished shooting, I think we both stood a little taller and walked with a little more sass. We felt confident and empowered. That’s what I hope to help every woman feel.

Confessions of a Northwest Arkansas Boudoir Photographer

Confession time: I have not always been a photographer. By trade, I’m actually a lawyer. I’ve only recently started shooting boudoir. I didn’t get struck by a bolt of lightning one day and decide to pick up a camera.

I decided to become a boudoir photographer because I was first a boudoir subject.

And I was exactly like so many women in front of a camera in her underwear, I was self-conscious. I was nervous. I was vulnerable.

And this was with my *now-husband* as the photographer.

In front of the person I trusted most, I was still shy. I covered my midsection with my arms. I avoided eye contact with the camera. I had to bring an entire bottle of champagne for the first few shoots just to get comfortable enough to not give Chandler Bing face (and if you want to do that anyway, cheers!). In the height of my awkwardness, my incredibly talented husband was able to not only pull great pictures out of me, but make me feel beautiful. He does that with everyone he shoots, and he is so, so amazing.

Boudoir Photos by a Female Photographer

But there is something to be said for having boudoir pictures taken by a woman. A woman who stood where you’re standing now, who has faced the same insecurities and doubts you fear, who only understood how empowering boudoir can be after it was finished.

As women, we often won’t treat ourselves unless we have an excuse. When you shoot boudoir, you have an excuse to be pampered, to have your hair and makeup done by professionals. You have an excuse to wear beautiful lingerie (or nothing at all!). And you have an excuse to embrace all of your perfect imperfections. You have an excuse to have some alone time, to get out of your comfort zone. And when you take advantage of all those “excuses,” you give yourself opportunities. Boudoir gives you the opportunity to see yourself with fresh eyes and to discover a different kind of confidence.

Take advantage of the excuses. Don’t make them. Take the pictures. I promise, you won’t ever regret it.

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