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5 Poses for Boudoir Photos that are Easy and Flattering



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Because posing for boudoir photos can be intimidating, today I’m going to share my 5 poses for boudoir photos that are easy and flattering. These boudoir poses will work for all body types, and all lingerie or nude photographs.

Pose #1: The fake pillow fight – this one is easy because everyone has had a pillow fight at some point in their life. It doesn’t require thinking of all your best angles, your hair doesn’t have to be perfect, and it typically gets a genuine smile. Also, if there are parts of the body that you don’t want to show, it’s really easy to cover those areas with a pillow. Your partner will love this shot because it’s really playful. Playful = fun.

Boudoir Pose #2: On Elbows and Stomach. This one my go-to pose for the start of a session. While other photographers start upright, I found those most people prefer this pose for a flattering, more comfortable start. You lie down on your stomach and then rest on your elbows. Also, there is a variation of this shot, which Alex is doing below for her boudoir session, that has her lifting her knee up (which creates a little booty pop in the background for added curves. That’s definitely a favorite for those who want help in the curves department.

Boudoir pose #3: The Elbow slide. This is a flow transition from pose #2 above. As I finish shooting that pose, I’ll have them keep eye contact with me while they slide their elbow down until the arm is almost flat. Janessa pulled this off flawlessly in her boudoir shoot below.

Boudoir Pose #4: On the back and cover up. Tyler nailed this pose – the laughing makes it that much more fun. By covering herself she felt comfortable and of course I’m hilarious. But this pose works even if the client is not laughing and is looking at the camera. Here, a hand covers her breast, but you could have the arm covering both if they are both in frame. Note: this shot is typically taken from the side and above the head… not as an overhead shot, which could make some clients uncomfortable. Remember, your job as a photographer is to make them feel comfortable and relaxed so you get the best images out of them while delivering a great experience.

Boudoir pose #5: On the side. You can play with this pose by adding little variations as you’ll see in the next two images. Notice the clients’ arm placements. One little change can yield two very different images. Which do you like better?

These 5 poses for boudoir are classic go-to poses. They will spice up the photo shoot and your posing, which makes your client feel beautiful and comfortable.

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