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Under the Weeping Willow: A Sentimental Portrait Session with Scout and Avett



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baby boy and his big sister pose for a picture under a large weeping willow

There’s an age-old romance that exists between time and memories, one that is often kindled by places or objects that hold profound meaning. The sweeping, poetic silhouette of a weeping willow tree is more than just a backdrop for many families—it’s a repository of cherished moments. For me, this particular willow holds memories as profound as the deep roots it stretches into the earth. It was beneath this very tree that I captured my wife Tyler’s ethereal bridal portraits after our wedding, a scene of breathtaking beauty that remains vivid in my memory.

Now, years later, I found myself back under its cascading branches, this time capturing another beautiful chapter of our story – portraits of our two radiant children, Scout and Avett.

Three-year-old Scout, with a spirit as wild and free as the wind rustling through the willow’s tendrils, danced amidst its shade. As I pressed my shutter button, her laughter filled the air. Spirited and fun, she painted the scene with shades of vivacity, echoing the profound moments this tree had witnessed in our lives.

Beside her, six-month-old Avett, the very embodiment of joy, gazed with wonder at the world around him. Underneath the willow’s branches, his smiles bloomed brighter than the dappled sunlight filtering through. His innocence, juxtaposed against the timeless backdrop of the willow, made every frame a cherished capture.

These portraits are more than just photographs. They’re a bridge connecting the past with the present, with the weeping willow standing as a silent guardian of our family’s treasured moments. It’s seen love in its early chapters with Tyler’s bridal glow; and now, it’s seen the echoes of that love in the smiling faces of Scout and Avett.

To my wife, Tyler, this tree symbolizes the beautiful journey we embarked upon together. And to Scout and Avett – may you grow just like this willow, with roots deep in love and branches reaching out embracing every joy life offers. Through these portraits, our family’s legacy intertwined with nature stands frozen in time, a testament to love, growth, and the beautiful continuity of life.

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