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Carmen’s Supermodel Photographer Shoot



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I never thought of myself as a Supermodel Photographer, but after the shoots I have been doing recently, I am definitely going to reconsider. It helps that I married a supermodel, duh. But it also helps that the very same wife introduced me to her OU college friend, Carmen.

Return of the Ballerina Bride…

You might remember Carmen from the ballerina bride photoshoot I did in 2020. If not, check out that post because the shoot was incredible.

I vividly remember how much Carmen impressed me during that bridal portrait shoot. Being a model bride is not easy (at all). But Carmen showed up with such an incredible attitude. Furthermore, she brought enthusiasm and a willingness to try all my crazy ideas. Most of those ideas worked great, much to her credit. Who else could pull off a stunning wedding dress shoot while in ballet shoes? It was simply stunning. Here is the link to that shoot to check out – of course, do that AFTER you finish reading and viewing today’s blog post.

Our Latest Adventure…

Recently, Carmen and I teamed up again. After I shared my recent sessions with her I asked if she wanted to be the next Supermodel Photographer subject. She immediately said YES. With my portable studio, I arrived at her apartment in Bentonville and quickly set up my lights as she got dressed. Then we just started talking, laughing, and shooting. We both had the best time!

Supermodel Photographer model shoot of black model wearing a loose sweater and no bra laughing hard

For this portion of the session, Carmen wore a chunky brown sweater that fit loosely over her shoulders. I sent her a few ideas for wardrobe leading up to the shoot so she could see and share my vision. The loose sweater look with no bra and no pants vibe is both sexy and tasteful. Of course, all my shoots are tasteful, but I just had to say it. Also, sexy gets a bad wrap sometimes but y’all… it’s a great thing to look and feel sexy! Anyway, I digress…

Hidden Talents…

Just like this wedding photographer has a hidden talent of being a Supermodel Photographer, Carment also has a secret super skill. Carmen MADE this sweater. I’m not joking! Apparently, she is an insanely talented seamstress on top of everything else she does. Honestly, it’s inpiring! I definitely don’t have the skillset to craft my own clothing, lol. I love how this sweater color perfectly compliments Carmen’s skin. Just GORGEOUS. This entire shoot came out just as beautiful, but I’ll share the rest later. You know… I gotta keep ya coming back!

Talk to you soon,

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