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Modeling Portfolio Photos in NW Arkansas for Alex



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I’ve previously shared Modeling Portfolio Photos in NW Arkansas of my friend Alex, but realized I had a bunch you haven’t seen! We shot these photos after Alex was signed to a modeling agency (YAY, but hard work!) and needed some fresh images for her portfolio. The agency gave some requests (typical) that we used as our photographic to-do list. You’ll see a variety of full body photos, headshot style photos and a couple of 3/4 length photos. These are the typical photos modeling agencies want to see. Also, we didn’t do a ton of makeup in this modeling portfolio shoot because agencies are interested in what you look like without makeup. Alex of course looks great either way, which made our shoot an easy success.

Sexy model with dark hair dresses in a short dress lying down on stair for a NW Arkansas model photographer.

We photographed these Modeling Portfolio Photos in NW Arkansas. Specifically, we used the downtown Rogers Area for our photographic backdrop. There is a tremendous variety of styles in downtown Rogers, so we easily paired her outfits with a variety of backdrops. Finally, we mixed up the style of imagery as well. I shot timeless black and white portraits that gave a little more edge for some. For others, I did poppy colorful images for the Modeling Portfolio Photos in NW Arkansas to round it out! Check out more from this model portfolio shoot for Alex. Also, we have collaborated on an NW Arkansas boudoir photo shoot as well, so check that out!

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