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Early Tyler + Dale



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Early Tyler + Dale

Tomorrow, I will have been married to Tyler for 3 years, but today I want to talk about Early Tyler + Dale. I plan to do an anniversary post tomorrow, so you’ll have to come back and read all about it. Anyway, when we first started talking (aka before our first date), she constantly intrigued me. She showed me her confidence and intelligence. But also, she was so mysterious to me. It was so fun getting to know her deeply, which we did through text early on. I like texting because I could think about what I wanted to say before it just slipped so loosely out of my mouth, lol.

Ty though… she was so real. She was cool and articulate, which I found so attractive.

Hi it’s me… Mr. Awkward.

And then, y’all… we started hanging out. I remember both of us being AWKWARD AF in the beginning. Like neither of us felt like we deserved to be with the other one (I don’t think that was the case for either of us). I remember watching her eyes dart around (and away) after she would say something that made me think she was constantly replaying lines of conversation in her head.

For some unknown reason, I found THAT super attractive as well.

And then of course, I found her insanely pretty. We did some really fun photo shoots during our first couple of months of dating. It was inspiring to me when I would see that “tyler is a supermodel” side of her. I remember feeling so excited not only as I was shooting the photos, but also when I was editing them. I just LOVED looking at her. It was like my eyeballs were drinking her in… and remained unquenchable.

Did you notice this entire blog post has been written in past tense? Well, it shouldn’t have been. Because all of those things are still true. Except for the awkward part. Early Tyler + Dale learned how to gel together, be comfortable in silence with one another, and also not be afraid to say anything in fear of sounding dumb. She is even more gorgeous than the day we met, the day I fell in love, the day I proposed, and yes… even more beautiful than on our wedding day. She’s quite simply the most gorgeous woman I know.

Wait… I have pictures to prove it.

By the way, for those of you who don’t know, I met Tyler when I was hired to photograph her sister’s wedding in Fort Smith. Isn’t it crazy to realize that the maid of honor at the wedding is Scout’s mother?

Talk to you soon,

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