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Avett’s Newborn Portraits by NWA Newborn Photographer + Dad



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I’ve been an NWA Newborn Photographer ever since Cece was born. Before that, I have to admit I wasn’t good at it. However, over the past ten years, I’ve taken all my practice and evolved into a well-trained baby photographer with many little tricks up his sleeve. I’ve even been called a baby whisperer by previous Benny Brides, who have had me photograph their little ones. It’s a completely different type of shoot than a wedding. For example, on these newborn baby pictures of Avett, I used studio lighting in my “take-anywhere-studio.”

For these newborn baby photos of Avett, I wanted to create a rich brown feeling with lower light. We are decorating and designing his room with lots of earth tones. We will do a full reveal of that room when we get it finished. Remember, Avett wasn’t due until April 16, and his scheduled c-section date was March 20. So, he caught us off guard with his early arrival.

Aside from Avett, I purchased everything you see in the shoot from Hobby Lobby yesterday. And most of the items were 40-50% off, including the fabric and wooden bowls used.

Now that I’m tiptoeing back in to work, if you need a NWA Newborn Photographer, hit me up. In the “wedding date” section, type in your due date (even if it was in the past) so I can best plan your session.

I am a NWA Newborn Photographer who can shoot a variety of styles, based on your nursery vibes. If you prefer bright and airy baby photos, I can do those too. If you like pops of color, I’m your guy. Or, of course, if you like this vibe, I got you.

He’s already quite the little model. Also, he’s filled out pretty well for being so premature. He just continues to amaze us with his resilience and drive. What a guy!

This one is maybe my favorite. I wanna call it “bundle of joy” because he is all bundled up. So cute, right?

Thanks for being here,

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