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Fall Mini Session in NWA for the George Family



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I get to introduce you to a new family for today’s Fall Mini Session in NWA! Ladies and gentlemen, let me present the George family! I met Anna in 2009 (March 1st, to be exact), and have been able to work together a couple of times over the years. When one of our other families, the Hurlbut family, mentioned that Anna was looking for a photographer for to shoot a fall mini session in NWA, I sent my old friend a text! Fast forward a week later, she filled my last spot of the season.

Fall Mini Session in NWA for George Family walking through autumn leaves

During this Fall Mini Session in NWA, I wanted to shoot portraits of each of their three daughters. I love how beautiful these look in black and white. Each daughter warmed up to me quickly so I could capture their sweet personalities and smiles.

Also during this Fall Mini Session in NWA, I thought I would take a few of Anna and Carl. I didn’t get to photograph their wedding, so now I feel like I’m making up for lost time, lol.

Fall Mini Session in NWA showing Anna Roblee and Carl George kissing

Then we spent some time playing in the leaves. I typically do this either 1) at the end of the shoot when I don’t care if they get messy or 2) if the kiddos are having a hard time warming up to me. Playing always helps. You can see by my angle that I’m also on the ground with them, which helps them see me as non-threatening. Yay for bonus tips!

Fall Mini Session in NWA for George Family with 3 little girls in matching floral dresses playing with fall leaves.
Fall Mini Session in NWA for George Family in a fun candid moment with fall leaves

What a picture-perfect family. 😍

Fall Mini Session in NWA for George Family all smiling at the camera

Photo Data (new section!):
Photographers, I thought I might share some camera equipment + data on how I got certain shots from time to time! If you are a shooter, check out how I got the shot, and use the links to view the exact camera and lenses that made the photograph.

Camera I Used / Lens I Used this ENTIRE SHOOT / The only camera cards I trust
ISO: 160; Shutter: 1/200; f: 1.8

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Talk to you soon,

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