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Announcement: Annual “Lights on the Square Pop Up” Photo Sessions



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It’s the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR! Y’all, I love the Christmas season more than any other season of the year! I can’t wait to start celebrating with my family. I love looking back at the photographs of Christmases past with such fond memories. And I want y’all to have that same opportunity, so once again, I’m offering my Lights on the Square Pop Up photo sessions! I started shooting these Lights on the Square Pop Up photo sessions in, I think, 2018. Each year I offer them and each year, they sell out. It turns out that everyone wants quick and easy portraits with the Christmas lights on the square.

This year, I’ve chosen Monday, December 5th for the date I’ll be at the Bentonville square for my lights on the square pop up photo sessions. To sign up, you must email me: to claim a spot (or text me if you have my number!). I plan on taking between 5-10 spots, so hit me up quickly if you want one.

The shoot details: The Lights on the Square Pop Up” Photo Sessions are only 5-10 minutes long. Even if the weather is chilly, that’s plenty of time to get a great portrait of the family. Plus, there will be other fun things to do on the square, so you can make a little family date night out of it! After the session, I’ll email you the digital files within 24 hours so you can have them back in time to order Christmas cards. Or, if you’re just looking for images to put on Facebook or in your family photo album, these are perfect for that. The shoot is $100. I go over payment details when you book. What are you waiting for? Fun holiday pictures are right around the corner!

Lights on the Square Pop Up Photo Sessions of a pretty hipster couple in Bentonville.

Talk to you soon,

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