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Bachelor Alum Amanda Stanton’s Engagement Pictures: The Fine Art Session



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Michael Fogel + Bachelor Alum Amanda Stanton’s Engagement Pictures, Part Two

We’re back again today with another gorgeous installment of my recent shoot featuring Bachelor Alum Amanda Stanton’s Engagement Pictures with her fiance Michael Fogel. This was my first time meeting Michael, but I felt like I already knew him from Amanda’s Instagram stories. First off, he treats her great. After our session, they were to go skiing and Michael literally got down on the floor of the hotel room to help Amanda with her ski boots. I also noticed that Michael is hilarious, has great style, and is really intelligent! I’m so happy they connected!

To see my first post all about Michael Fogel and Amanda Stanton’s Engagement Photos, all you have to do is check it out below:

How this session was different.

If you remember the first post, it was all dreamy engagement photos in the snow! Since Amanda and Michael both live in California, and it never snows there, you can obviously tell we went away to a dreamy location. We shot these in Aspen for three reasons: 1) Amanda and Michael had their first date in Aspen! What a cute idea to have your engagement photos reflect your first date, am I right? 2) I have shot weddings in Aspen and know the area well! 3) They were scouting possible locations for their wedding. I stayed at St. Regis, which was in the running for Amanda and Michael’s nuptials. However, the couple is still in discovery mode so we aren’t sure where they’ll end up saying their vows, but we DO know that I’ll be there to shoot it!

This part of the session showcases the fine art portraits of the couple. I’ve been loving the timeless vibes these sessions bring. I took my studio to Aspen with me and set it up on-site. I’m not kidding! Lights, camera, backdrop! Hahaha! I love them, so it was definitely worth it!

I’ll keep you all posted with all the wedding photos when the time comes! I’m so excited for 2022, how about you?!

Talk to you soon,

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