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5 Best Non-Sticky Self Tanner Recommendations



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Today I’m sharing some Non-Sticky Self Tanner Recommendations for the wedding season that is upon us. Most self-tanners are sticky and feel yucky and awful. However, there are a handful out there that come highly recommended. One of my Benny Brides, Amanda Stanton (from the Bachelor) recently shared her top five Non-Sticky Self Tanner Recommendations that I’ll pass along to you!

Amanda Stanton's engagement photos to Michael Fogel in Aspen Colorado
Amanda Stanton and Michael Fogel pose for their cozy engagement photos in Aspen, CO over the holidays. Check out more of Amanda Stanton’s engagement pictures.

There are in no particular order. These all come from Amanda Stanton’s recommendations:

The 5 Best Non-Sticky Self Tanner Recommendations

Fyi… this is not a sponsored post. I know that this is a question a lot of people, brides included, hope to figure out before the wedding day. As a luxury wedding photographer, I want to give as many resources as I can to my Benny Brides. If there are any other recommendations you need, I’m here to help you to have the most incredible wedding day. Yes, even if that has nothing to do with me actually being a Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photographer. Without further adieu, here are the top 5 non-sticky self tanner for your wedding day.


Loving Tan

Lux Unfiltered

Elle Effect


I am a firm believer that when you look your best, you feel your best. For some, that means a nice glowing tan. If you are like me and love the look of your skin being tan, give these a try! I will add to the suggestion to try each of these well in advance of your wedding day in case you have any issues. Then, choose your favorite to look your best on your wedding day!

Talk to you soon,

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