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Happy Wedding Day Amanda Stanton and Michael Fogel



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This weekend is Michael Fogel and Amanda Stanton’s wedding day! Amanda is going to be the most stunning bride. I can’t wait to see all the gorgeous details and sweet moments for her California wedding. Previously, I was Amanda’s wedding photographer. However, because she had to move her wedding date (and location) from Aspen in August to SoCal in September, I was no longer available to photograph the wedding due to a prior commitment. I was so very bummed that I wasn’t able to be there for her big day. Amanda Stanton’s wedding has been one that I’ve wanted to photograph every since we first met in 2018.

Non-Sticky Self Tanner Recommendations by Amanda Stanton, as shown in her engagement photo kissing her fiance Michael Fogel

I flew to California after her proposal to shoot Amanda Stanton’s engagement photos with Michael Fogel. However, one of her daughters got covid so we had scrap those plans. Since I was already in town with my family, we turned it into a Disneyland trip, so not all was lost. Then, we decided to meet up in Aspen to photograph her engagement photos in the city she was wanting to get married.

Amanda Stanton's engagement photos to Michael Fogel in Aspen Colorado

I am thankful we finally got everything to align for some engagement photos for the celebrity couple in Aspen. The snowy Aspen mountain was a beautiful backdrop for Michael Fogel and Amanda Stanton’s Engagement Portraits. I love how timeless and sweet the images are. Amanda and Michael… I wish you both a happy marriage!

Talk to you soon,

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