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If you're looking for by a Northwest Arkansas wedding photographer, you've hit the right spot! Dale has been photographing Northwest Arkansas weddings for more than a decade. Also, he travels all over Arkansas, the US, and the world as a wedding photographer. His approach as a wedding photographer is capturing real moments and beautiful wedding portraits while becoming friends in the process. His photography is described as timeless, personal, story telling, and beautiful.

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Hey everybody! Everybody knows how crazy I am about my baby girl, Cece. I’ve written about her so many times on this blog (from this post the day she was born), and for those of you who have been faithful and loyal Benny Blog followers, you have watched her grow… from birth to present. You’ve…

Cece Benfield and her Daddy, Dale Benfield, ice skating in Bentonville

Hey everybody! How about this brilliant little workaround when it comes to keeping the dress cleaning during wedding portraits.  A quick trip to Hancock Fabrics and $50 later, we were able to get one of my favorite poses (and portraits from this wedding season) of Ashley and Matt. I love how he is looking at…

bride and groom lying down on lace on the ground