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Benny Award All-Stars: The Best Engagement Pictures from the last decade.



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After more than a decade of capturing some of the coolest engagements in the world, our team has compiled and narrowed them all (I could never have done this!) to the top 16. Hosting daily contests, each of the below nominees competed in a bracket system to determine the GOAT engagement portraits. So fun!

Engagement Photos ideas in downtown Kansas City of formal bride and groom with Kansas City behind them taken at night.
Amy Duggar and Dillon King engagement photos fighting in the mud.
Nashville engagement portrait with high pillars
Groom kissing bride at sunrise with the mountains and lake behind them.
Romantic engagement portrait with groom kissing brides forehead at sunset near the Malibu winery in California.
Fall engagement portraits of a hipster couple in Northwest Arkansas.
Pakistani bride and Alaskan groom kissing in front of the mountains in Alaska near Alyeska
Groom dipping bride during engagement portraits. She is wearing a vibrant red dress in a white parking garage.
Bride and groom's engagement portrait in the rain.
Southern engagement portraits at Houmas House in Louisiana with a long row of trees on each side.
groom kissing bride in a weeping willow.
Cute couple sitting on the hood of the car during their engagement portraits
Man dipping woman on the cobblestone streets of new york city for their engagement pictures
Couple kissing inside a tunnel
Instagram influencer couple kissing after their engagement on a NYC rooftop

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