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Seattle engagement photos for Andy and Lauren



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Can my new full-time job be to shoot Seattle engagement photos all day, errday? I had the best time with Andy and Lauren, as we trotted about Seattle and Mount Rainer for the engagement portraits.

When it comes to a destination engagement shoot, or destination wedding photos for that matter, it’s always a dream to find incredible landscapes or stunning backdrops to use with your couple. Fortunately, I had both to work with for Andy and Lauren’s Seattle engagement photos.

Seattle engagement photos at Mount Rainier, where the groom is kissing the bride's forehead

When we got into Seattle, I wanted to make sure we were able to photograph right away. Rain pours in Seattle regularly, and I wanted to make sure we took advantage of a clear sky. I headed out to Lauren and Andy’s ranch, which is kinda like my dream house, to start shooting. Andy mentioned the leafy area close by and we headed there, where I got the following shot:

Seattle engagement photo during the fall, with the bride and groom sitting on the ground snuggling.

I know this image doesn’t scream Seattle engagement photos, but I wanted to make sure to capture the season too! It’s not all about the novelty of where you are. It’s also about WHEN you are. Oh, and then the dogs had to be in a shot or two!

aren’t these dogs just perfect?
Shooting at Mount Rainier 😍

The next morning we headed out to Mount Rainier for more photos, this time with gorgeous snow everywhere. We had to drive up to a pretty high altitude for the shots, but wow! was it worth it! And besides, they could snuggle to keep warm.

Obviously we brought the mountain dogs to the mountains! They loved it!

Finally, you can’t have an engagement shoot in Seattle without getting a gorgeous skyline shot. We walked a little off the beaten path to find the right angle here, and I’m obsessed.

I’m so excited to photography Andy and Lauren’s wedding at Osage House this summer, and loved getting close to them (I mean, still 6 feet away obviously) during our engagement session.

Talk to you soon,

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