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Dillon King and Amy Duggar’s Wedding Images: The Wedding Story and Details



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***first off… note… please don’t pull these images and repost or use them in any way without contacting me first: – thanks! πŸ™‚

Hey everybody!

Get ready for a MEGA post! I decided to combine the details and story of Dillon King and Amy Duggar’s wedding into one post.  Their Horton Farms wedding was pretty much a dream. The weather was beautiful, her rose gold accents made me feel warm and fuzzy, and the day itself was full of fun and funny moments.  Time spent with Amy Duggar is time spent laughing and being entertained!

Like I mentioned above, she had rose gold accents throughout the day… her reception dress, her wedding band, and table settings… to name just a few.  Her dad surprised her with vintage emerald and diamond earrings which she wore as he walked her down the aisle to Dillon.

This dress – I love it because it’s so classic and will never go out of style. It was stunning for her body type and the simplicity and beauty of the dress let the focus be on the bride.

Grandma Duggar said, “their cake is called a naked cake!” – yes, it is.  I just thought it was cute that she said it. Hahaha!

Our friend Bonnie ( did Amy’s makeup (and touched up her hair as the day went on) to perfection.  I chose this picture from all the ones I got of the two because the candid moment showed a lot of mutual respect and mutual admiration on each of their faces.

Doesn’t Amy just look sweet and gorgeous in this classic dress?  Ahhhh, so happy for this bride!

Grandma Duggar helped button the back of it – you can tell having her grandma help with this special moment made Amy giddy.

Dillon King and Amy Duggar had a special first meeting before the ceremony where she walked to him and he turned around to this:  (it was really a fun and special time for the couple!)

We’re used to posing big family group shots, but the Duggar family were just as used to it – hahaha!  (btw, I know I chose a shot with a couple blinkers… People Magazine chose the one I wanted to run, so I can’t… hahaha!) Anyway, I know there’s a lot of smack talk out there about the Duggar family (I don’t watch the show, and don’t get wrapped up in drama… and I don’t listen to haters – Life is too short for that!), but I have to say they were all SO respectful and sweet to me. I only have the nicest things to say about them and my experience in working with them.

The girl Duggar cousins striking a FUN pose! I didn’t know exactly what I’d get when I asked for them to be sassy or silly, but I just LOVE how this turned out.  You can look at each girl and see… “yep, that’s ______.”  So fun!

Before Amy Duggar walked down the aisle to become Amy King, Grandma Duggar prayed for Amy and Dillon’s marriage and future together along with the bridesmaids.  This image really touches me, y’all!

Oh, yeah… had to take a selfie with this stunner bride!  Amy = flawless.

And then the bell (flower) girls walked down the aisle yelling “the bride is coming!” Completely precious!

Amy and Dillon have so much personality and weren’t afraid to be themselves up on stage as they exchanged their vows and rings. Doesn’t Amy look SO happy?

First kiss as husband and wife.  Amy Duggar and Dillon King, joined in marriage… Mr and Mrs Dillon King.

Then the bridesmaids and I ran away for a minute to shoot a few more fun shots – I really loved spending time with these girls on the wedding day.  We had fun all day, all night.  We danced till my feet fell off.

Awwww… happy laugh-y time.

And lastly, a few more portraits of the beautiful couple!

Thanks Amy and Dillon! You two were really precious and I was HONORED to be your wedding photographer!  Can’t wait to hang!

Talk to you soon,

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