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Sloane + Zach Hocker: Wedding at Sassafras Springs Vineyard



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Hey everybody!

Sloane and Zach Hocker’s wedding at Sassafras Springs Vineyard was nothing short of a dream wedding. She had beautiful details (which I’ve grouped together below) a stunning dress, killer Louboutin shoes, and her Miss Arkansas ring for her something blue.  Perfect? Yeah. Some other fun things… as a gift she received silicone rings (they’re such an active couple, so this is perfect), and a bracelet with the coordinates of Sassafras. How special!

Bonnie was a bridesmaid, but also did Sloane’s hair and makeup (Sloane is already gorgeous, but Bonnie is the best at bringing out that natural beauty of a bride!).

Sloane’s mom Michelle, who is a great photographer, put up her camera and let me capture things like getting her daughter dressed for the big day.  They are really precious.

Okay y’all… this first meeting at the Chapel Ruins at Sassafras is an IDEAL location and was so perfect. Look at her excitement as I told Zach to get ready to turn and see his bride…

Looks like a portrait – they’re pretty. 😉

Haha… I’m digging these action shots Courtney has been shooting of me and my couples lately. Here we are off to shoot a few portraits.

Can we talk about squad? This group of girls are fun, sweet, and gorgeous.

And I died when I took this.

Haha! Love this reaction of Bonnie and Sloane. Bonnie does it again. 🙂

Standing room only at Sassafras for this incredible couple.

Dad had swag. That is all.

Isn’t she lovely?  Laughing during ceremonies might just be my favorite thing.

This perfect kiss.

Here’s send off part one… sparklers outside Sassafras. (note to photographers: I had Courtney holding a flash behind that I had synced for a fun pop of light.)

Sendoff number two… no big deal… just hopped into the Razorback helicopter to take us to the Chancellor Hotel for the reception.

Yes… I mean “us.” First time in a heli with the bride and groom!  What a great sendoff!

Reception party at the Chancellor coming to the blog tomorrow!

Talk to you soon,

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  1. […] now for the inspiration part. I dreamed up this concept for Benny couple Zach and Sloane Hocker. I loved photographing their wedding at Sassafras Springs Vineyard. This couple cracks me up and […]

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