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Best Engagement Portrait Nominees: 11th Benny Awards



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The Best Engagement Portrait category is probably my favorite. Actually, I get asked often what my favorite thing to photograph is, and my answer is always engagement pictures. I love being an engagement picture photographer because it gives me time to get to know my couples. By connecting with them during the engagement shoot, it makes our task of creating beautiful, meaningful art on the wedding day so much easier.

We plan a lot before we ever start the engagement session. The couple and I planned the images behind these Best Engagement Portrait nominees down to the location and outfits well before we started shooting. We look at when the sun sets to set our time, and pair the outfits from the couples with locations. I have a lot of fun styling these sessions, and love when the couple gets involved in that process.

Take a look at the Best Engagement Portrait nominees below, and then cast your vote!

Shooting pictures during golden hour, as I did with this kissing couple in the black dress and white shirt, makes for a Best Engagement Portrait nominee for sure.
Using Alaska's mountains as a backdrop, this Best Engagement Portrait nominee is a dream.
With this couple who both wore black tops, I wanted a light gray background to make them pop in this Best Engagement Portrait nominee.
This same-sex lesbian couple share so much passion for one another, which is the main thing I wanted to capture in their Best Engagement Portrait nominated image.
This golden hour engagement portrait on El Matador Beach in Malibu is an all-time favorite image of mine. The couple, who is sitting in the sand in front of a rock archway, slowly kisses to create a beautiful Best Engagement Portrait nominee.
For couples who love to play, this Best Engagement Portrait nominee is a great example of being yourself for your engagement pictures. Shot at a pinball arcade, the bride and groom had so much fun during their photo session.
Having your fur babies included in your engagement portraits is such a fun idea. I love that Katie and Jason, who are being photographed in front of a waterfall in Dallas, incorporated their two poodles for this Best Engagement Portrait nominee.
Lauren F
Lauren Weaver (Miss Arkansas USA) and U of A baseball player Luke Bonfield share a kiss at sunrise in front of a lake in Arkansas. Sunrise is a great time to photograph sessions, as shown in this Best Engagement Portrait nominee.
Lauren W
Ashley D
Ashley P

For some reason this poll isn’t popping up on the page, so here is the direct link:

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And this year, I’m adding in two non-wedding portrait categories for your voting pleasure! While I’ve primarily been a wedding photographer for the past decade, many of my couples have gone on to have families. As my family and portrait clients have grown, I’ve felt an increasing need to represent them in the Benny Awards! This year I broke it into two categories:

Best Family and Baby Portrait Nominees

Senior and Style Portrait Nominees

Are you nominated?

If you are nominated, check your email! I’ve sent you details to our cocktail party / Benny Awards ceremony! To win in a category, all you need to do is get the most votes! Feel free to share this link with your friends and family (and neighbors, churches, etc). Also, previous winners harnessed the power of social media to help get votes; use instagram bio links and facebook posts to get more votes!

The voting is live now, and will go until January 14th. The winners will be announced following the annual Benny Awards ceremony in person on January 31st. Best of luck to all the nominees! It was an honor to serve you!

What are the Benny Awards?

Dale from Benfield Photography throws The Benny Awards party each year for his couples. At the party, the winners earn real prizes for each category, such as best wedding kiss and best wedding shoes. Also, this year Dale added two non-wedding categories because so many of this clients are already married and he wanted them to be represented.

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