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Campbell’s Bright and Airy Bridal Portraits at The Reserve



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Within minutes of meeting Campbell, we were already taking her Bright and Airy Bridal Portraits at The Reserve in Hot Springs, AR. It’s not typical that I am meeting the bride for the first time on the wedding day, but it happens on occasion for brides who live in other states. Campbell lives in Colorado, but has family in Hot Springs, Arkansas, so The Reserver was a dreamy and appropriate location for her wedding. The new wedding venue in Hot Springs was also where we photographed her Bright and Airy Bridal Portraits.

Bright and Airy Bridal Portraits of Boho Bride in a Greenhouse

I immediately fell in awe of Campbell. Her style exudes coolness. You can tell she is unique and has her own sense of fashion. I totally love that in a bride (and anyone for that matter.) The Reserve at Hot Springs has this gorgeous, light and airy greenhouse I knew we just had to shoot in. The stylings in this room fit perfectly with the bride’s style, so the bridal portraits looked seamless and stunning. I’m not sure boho is the exact term for her style, as I think she blends boho with classic better than I’ve ever seen.

And then we add this incredible yellow velvet chair. I’ve never wanted to pack up a piece of furniture to take home so badly in my life. So, of course, we added it both functionally (to sit in) and as a background element to bring a pop of color. I think adding a pop of color to these Bright and Airy Bridal Portraits makes for eye-catching composition. Don’t you think? Take a look at my five favorite images from this bridal session below!

Bright and Airy Bridal Portraits of art deco bride in a greenhouse
Bright and Airy Bridal Portraits of art deco bride in a greenhouse

I’ll have more from Campbell soon – her wedding was so lovely!

Talk to you soon,

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