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Hot Springs Engagement Photo Session: Nick and Marie



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This Hot Springs Engagement Photo Session had special significance for me. The bride-to-be, Marie, was Benfield Photography’s first-ever intern. I’ve been able to share in Marie’s excitement while life took her on tons of adventure. Now that she has found her soulmate, my excitement has multiplied. I am just so happy for her and Nick!

When we discussed their engagement shoot over zoom, the couple decided on Hot Springs. Because I’ve photographed tons of Hot Springs weddings, I immediately felt comfortable with that decision. We picked some really fun Hot Springs Engagement Photo ideas, namely shooting on Lake Hamilton and at Deluca’s Pizza. Obviously, we had to have some dinner to build up our strength for photographing and modeling. Haha!

Hot Springs Engagement Photo Session overlooking Lake Hamilton

About this Hot Springs Engagement Photo Session

We found a beautiful Bed and Breakfast located on Lake Hamilton that I wanted to use for this session. Unfortunately, you can’t shoot there unless you’re a guest. So, guess who had a one-night stay? While it was more expensive than most hotels, the grounds were absolutely perfect for photographs. I photographed the couple in multiple outfits here for some variety. Our timing was perfect. I always plan my engagement shoots around the type of lighting I want in the images. This shoot begged for warm sunlight so we photographed during golden hour for that soft, warm look. I used the sun multiple ways (backlight, sidelight, and front light) while keeping the color temperature consistent.

And then, of course, the couple did the rest. They are so in love, and their closeness radiates. Honestly, it’s such a thrill photographing a couple that digs each other the way these two do. While happiness glows on their faces, I place them in beautiful light in a beautiful setting, compose my image, and magic happens. Take a look at these and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Hot Springs Engagement Photo Session at Deluca's Pizza

I’m really looking forward to Nick and Marie’s wedding this year; I’ll be sharing all the details here!

Talk to you tomorrow,

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  1. Marie Massey says:

    How am I just now seeing this post?! Love this 🥰

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