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Luxury Bridal Portraits for Jessica in Fayetteville, AR



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Lately, I’ve been really refining my look and feel for bridals and have landed upon this Luxury Bridal Portraits vibe. As a luxury wedding photographer, It’s very important to me to have a timeless quality to my images. For example, I‘m shooting a mix of full-color and black and white. Also, shooting this way takes much more planning with regard to location, timing, and most importantly lighting. You’ll notice from these photographs that I successfully avoided distracting backgrounds and bright sections of light. Unfortunately, that is something I see so often with typical wedding photographers. For luxury bridal portraits, attention and focus should be given to the bride, and everything else in the image should support her.

Jessica was open to wherever I wanted to shoot her bridals; I love brides who trust me with my vision! Also, she had her makeup and hair professionally done so she showed up looking flawless. While it adds a little to the cost, hiring professional hair and makeup artists for Luxury Bridal Portraits is so important. Also, having a professional bridal bouquet not only ties the look together but also gives the bride something to do with her hands. Jessica ordered this dreamy bouquet from Pigmint in Fayetteville.

Black and White Luxury Bridal Portraits in Fayetteville Arkansas in front of an ivy wall with wrought iron fencing

I’ll be sharing her wedding at Kindred North soon, so stay tuned!

Talk to you tomorrow,

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