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Winter Wedding Inspiration



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With a “winter storm warning” heading our way once again, I thought I’d focus on some Winter Wedding Inspiration to keep my spirits high. As proposal season is underway and so many brides are in the midst of wedding planning, let’s start dreaming! I love winter weddings. I embrace the cold weather and love how we can bundle up. Furthermore, brides can wear stoles, shawls, and scarves that are so pretty.

The next thing I love about this Winter Wedding Inspiration is the color palettes. Lots of whites and silvers to reflect the snow make a lot of sense. I also love rich greens and deep reds. Maybe it spawns from my undying love of Christmas, but having that color palette doesn’t have to immediately signal my favorite holiday. Just look at the green velvet shoes in the inspiration pic below. And just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t have the ceremony outdoors. There are so many options to keep your guests warm: hot toddys (or hot cocoa), elegant fireplaces, scarves as wedding favors, etc.

Directly below, I have a link to a Pinterest board (follow me!) and below that are some of my favorite personal images from winter weddings that are sure to inspire!

white shoes with silver brooches that are perfect Winter Wedding Inspiration

Happy planning!

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  1. […] Winter weddings in NWA are rare, but I love them just as much as any wedding later in the year. One of my favorite winter weddings shared the I Dos of Tori and Andrew. She was so kind to post this image and the sweet testimonial below. […]

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