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Dance Competition Photos for Ellie’s DMI Weekend



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Ellie’s DMI Solo Dance Competition was this weekend her Dance Competition Photos look so good! She performed a solo, a duet, and a handful of larger ensemble dances throughout the weekend. Once again she blew me away. She is so talented, but also so hard working. She gets up crazy early every day for dance practice at school, and dances after school as well. I honestly don’t know how she does it, but I do know that her hard work pays off. She is a rockstar on the stage. Check out some of these Dance Competition Photos from the DMI photographer team:

Solo dancer's Dance Competition Photos at the DMI competition in Branson MO
Dance Competition Photos of a performer doing an aerial.

Of course I had to take a selfie with my star. Isn’t she gorgeous? OMG. It’s crazy to think of her as an adult, but she turns 18 this summer! Remember when she recorded the header video for my original blog? Where does the time go? (no, really!)

Dance Competition Photos of dad and daughter at DMI

Wanna see a throwback to her dance photos I took in 2020? Check this out:

Thanks for letting me share my personal life on here too with these Dance Competition Photos! We’ll be back to our regular programming tomorrow! We have a lot of fun content from the wedding world, and from some portrait sessions I’ve been doing recently!

Talk to you soon,

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