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Paris Family Portraits, By Us



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Self-Portraits in Paris

If you didn’t see yesterday’s post about our Family Portraits in Paris, be sure to check it out! Today, I’m sharing Paris Family Portraits that we shot ourselves. Tyler captured the perfect moment between Scout and me. I love this picture so much!

Paris Family Portraits of daddy and daughter

I returned the favor by capturing this shot I absolutely adore of her with Scout. Don’t you just love a good mother and daughter portrait? These were taken at the Jardin Tuileries in Paris. We shot in the morning so we could have soft light and it wouldn’t be crowded. It looked like we had the park to ourselves (we kinda did!).

Paris Family Portraits of mother and daughter

In a perfect world, I could have captured this following shot beyond the rope in the grass; however, I wanted to be respectful of the rules at Tuileries, so we stayed on the path. I still love it, however, and realize that it’s about the relationship between the mom and daughter that is truly important. I’m pretty obsessed with what Tyler picked for her and Scout to wear for this Paris Family Portraits Session. It definitely is matchy-matchy, which can be distracting, but totally works in this situation.

Paris Family Portraits of mother and daughter

Then I busted out the tripod for true Paris Family Portraits of all three of us. Two things I notice in this photo: 1) I married WAY up. And 2) my baby looks like an angel cherub. WAAAAAHHHH!!

Paris Family Portraits of mother, father, and daughter

An Unexpected Portrait

The next day, we wandered around Paris. I found Scout’s outfit at a Zara in Paris, and it paired really well with a Gucci top I gave Tyler for Christmas. These aren’t your typical Paris Family Portraits, but I love how these turned out.

Paris Family Portraits of mother and daughter

And finally, this doesn’t have any humans in it, but I wanted to share this image of the Eiffel Tower. It showcases the view from the rooftop bar in our hotel, and I love the reflections I placed around the monument. I shot these really late in the day for that unique color.

Talk to you soon,

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