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Sweetest Birthday Ending



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Technically, I lost an hour of my birthday today. I woke up at 5am in Arkansas, and now it’s approaching 11pm here in Ohio. I think I’ll just roll that over and make tomorrow be my birthday as well. First there’s that, and then I spent most of the day at an airport. It was pretty great, considering, because Scout and Tyler traveled with me.

Tonight, I was treated to dinner by my darling friend Robin (aka: Zia) at a cool spot I’ve never tried in Cleveland. We had mocktail mules, 6 or 7 different apps, and then chocolate cake to end the meal.

But the best part of my day, by far, was the ending. Scout, who is notoriously a mama’s girl (especially when she’s tired), asked me to rub her back tonight as she laid her head on my chest. We did a meditation to calm down, and then I watched her eyes drift off to sleep. It was, honestly, so wonderful. All in all, a damn good day.

Tomorrow, we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming, so come see what I’ll be sharing!

Talk to you soon,

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