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The Getaway We Didn’t Realize We Needed



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We survived. Honestly, we thrived, but let me explain. Tyler and I just got home from our longest time away from Scout ever. We spent 6 days in Mexico for a music festival. If I’m honest, the day before we left I was hoping that I would get covid (again) or that the festival would be canceled because we didn’t want to leave Scout. However, I wouldn’t change this last week for anything. Tyler and I connected on such a deep level, and thanks to Facetime we still got to see Scout as much as we needed.

The Avett Brothers have always been a special band for Tyler and me. We shared our first kiss at a show (we still remember what song was playing). It was on that early play list we made while dating. We’ve seen them multiple times together. So, if we had to be whisked away from our 2-year-old girl, I’m glad it was for them.

The Riviera Maya sun was warm, and the ocean breeze was cool. The food was delicious, and not having to cook it was wonderful. We ordered room service nearly every day. And we lounged by the pool each morning until the afternoon. We slept in without setting an alarm. We ate chocolate every night before bed. All the things you get to do when you are kid-less, we did.

Reunited and it feels so good.

All that being said, we were like kids on Christmas morning today as we rush downstairs to the airport to get home. Nana kept Scout home from school to play with her a little extra before she returned home, which meant we got to see her as soon as we pulled into the driveway. Our excitement surpassed even Scout’s.

Next year, we’re going to bring her. No doubt about it.

Talk to you tomorrow,

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