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Wedding at St Catherine’s Chapel at Bell Gables / Cari and Matt



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This Wedding at St Catherine’s Chapel at Bell Gables came complete with a vintage 1902 Mercedes getaway car. Pair that with a gorgeous bride, a sexy wedding dress, and one of Pigmint’s dreamy bridal bouquets. All in all, it was a beautiful start to Cari and Matt’s marriage. I have always enjoyed photographing at Bell Gables. They have a tremendous staff. They are so professional and are such a well-oiled machine. Not only that but they also go above and beyond to make sure the bride is comfortable happy on the wedding day.

I have photographed this Wedding at St Catherine’s Chapel, and a ton of others. In fact, it’s the venue I’ve probably photographed at most in Northwest Arkansas (definitely in the top three). I find it incredible that after so many weddings there, I still scout out new and unique locations. Honestly, everywhere you turn is another great spot for a photographic background. I have also photographed here during every season of the year (maybe even every month?), and it always looks impeccable.

Wedding at St Catherine's Chapel at Bell Gable with vintage getaway car.

The inside of the chapel is stunning. It’s like you walked into a quaint church in an old English village. The stone is stunning, and the wooden doors and spiral staircase add so much charm. According to the website, that was the actual inspiration when building the chapel over the course of 12 years, stone by stone!

Dad walking bride down the aisle in this Wedding at St Catherine's Chapel
Ceremony at this Wedding at St Catherine's Chapel
Wedding at St Catherine's Chapel
This Wedding at St. Catherine's Chapel utilized a vintage Mercedes getaway car
Sunset wedding portraits at St. Catherine's Chapel
Sunset wedding portraits at St. Catherine's Chapel

Of course we had to take advantage of that Benny Backlight during the portrait session. Yummm!

Talk to you tomorrow,


The Wedding Vendors

Photography: Benfield Photography
Flowers: Pigmint Florist
Venue: St. Catherine’s at Bell Gables, Fayetteville AR

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