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Editing Real Estate Photos



The blog contains little bits of my life, my passions, and my work. I update it daily so there is always something new to come see.





Editing Real Estate Photos

When it comes to Editing Real Estate Photos, I’m pretty proud of this one. One of the less fun photo jobs I have is to shoot real estate images. I say “less fun” because I am a people person. I love connecting with other humans. When I photograph people, I always get them to feel comfortable first before I ever snap the first image. Then, as we work our way through the session, I sense their feelings of confidence and empowerment. As a luxury wedding photographer, my clients hire me because of timeless images, and also the way I make them feel through an unforgettable experience. None of that happens when I photograph a building. My only satisfaction comes from Editing Real Estate Photos. Take a look at the before and after below; then, I’ll share my thought process on how I got the final image.

First off, it was snowing. That’s not ideal because you typically want real estate photos to be timeless. I mean, this isn’t just a quick photo for zillow, this is a shot for Vitalia North Royalton’s Active Adult Community website. So, we have snow. Damn. Next, as I pull into the parking lot a see a huge crane next to the awning. Damn. The, I see orange cones, a flag at half-mast, and the biggest blue dumpster in the state of Ohio (probably.). Triple damn. Then of course we have the typical power lines, cement posts, and the blandest sky you could imagine.

What’s a photographer to do?

Well, I used my positioning and angle to eliminate the crane, flag, orange cones, and dumpster. Then I used my photoshop skills to patch up the snow, get rid of the other unwanted objects, warm it the image, sharpen the parts I want to pop, and finally, fix that nasty sky. The result is what you see above. Not too shabby. It’s definitely justification for using a real, professional photographer over 1) amateurs, and 2) iphone pics. Which image inspires you more?

Talk to you soon,

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