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Hi from this New Orleans Wedding Photographer!



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Hi from this New Orleans Wedding Photographer! This weekend I’m photographing my 3rd Big Easy wedding (Big Easy is a nickname for New Orleans). It’s nice to be back in the deep south. This is Tyler’s first time back in NOLA since Hurricane Katrina, so of course this is Scout’s first time to the area. We caught the direct flight from NWA operated by Breeze Airlines. It’s a new offering from our home airport that is cheap and easy! To leave at 2:30pm in Bentonville and touch down at MSY at 4:11pm is a dream, honestly.

Because the flight is only on Thursdays and Sundays, we arrived a couple of days early to explore the city. I’ll go back to being a New Orleans Wedding Photographer on Saturday! If there are any must-dos, let me know in the comments! Today we hit up the Canal shops and the restaurant at the Virgin Hotel – pretty low-key. Oh, Scout got to get in a firetruck and start it up! She loves paw patrol so she was sending Marshall vibes big time. Then we drove across the longest bridge in the US (I think!) on our way to where the rehearsal dinner was.

family activities in new orleans

I’ll share more about the rehearsal dinner soon because it was dreamy!

I’m excited to share more from this NOLA trip and wedding shortly!

Talk to you soon,

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