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Professional Headshots That’ll Get You Noticed: Nick



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When Nick reached out to get Professional Headshots, he had one request: no boring blue background. Hahaha, I love that! I told him that we could get out of the office and shoot some more relaxed headshot portraits and he agreed.

After getting snowed out a few times (literally), we finally found a really nice day for shooting. I had sent Nick a few location ideas ahead of time so he could pick the vibe he liked most. He chose one of my favorite locations to photograph: 21c Hotel in Bentonville. We started indoors with nice, soft natural lighting as we got comfortable with the shoot.

Then we ventured out and around the 21c Hotel. The hotel has a ton of cool backdrops all around it, so we had some variety to work with. And guess what? No boring blue backgrounds. Instead, we photographed by a huge rusted metal airplane, parking garage stairs, etc.

All in all, we shot for about half an hour and came away with so many great images. Now he’s going to be the talk of LinkedIn, don’t you think? The moral of the story: If you’re looking for Professional Headshots that get you noticed, hit me up! I love shooting these, and I make them painless (and dare I say, FUN).

Talk to you soon,

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