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Spinning Plates, Getting Organized, and Self-Respect: Sunday Superthoughts



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I’ll admit, I’m not very good at what I’m talking about today…

Can I admit something? I’ve been having a really challenging time getting ahead of the game this year. I’ve never, ever had a problem with procrastination. If you watch me on a normal day, you’ll quickly see that I’m happiest when creating. Furthermore, I rarely sit still. Busy doesn’t always mean productive–I think you’ll hear me say that a lot. And the thing is, I’m super productive. So, what am I rambling about? Getting ahead? Yes, that’s it.

I’ve been in the mode of putting out fires lately. Doing things in priority of when they pop up as do-or-die time. Try to imagine someone spinning plates. Right now, that’s me. However, SMART me would typically figure out a way to combine all plates on a single tray and just spin the tray. Do you know what I mean?

For example, take this blog. Yes, I have updated it every day of 2022. That is a great accomplishment. That is a win. But I’m not particularly fond of just celebrating wins (except when I do so here). In this case, sitting down at the end of each day to go over my list of about a hundred things I can blog about, picking which one speaks to me in that moment, and composing a post about it is NOT the way I want to conduct this practice.

Are You Spinning Plates Like Me?

Are you like me? Are you more interested in improving your processes than celebrating your wins?

Honestly, I think it has to do with my lack of priority about being organized. In this case, the smart thing to do would be to take an hour to plan the blogs for the month. By addressing the social calendar, what I have in the editing queue, and then pepper in a few personal posts, I could crank out a lovely and balanced blog calendar. Then, I could spend another hour planning how to promote each of the blogs, mainly developing reels and tiktoks to drive you here to see what I have to say for the day. Would it be hard? Eh… not really. Is it fun for me? Nope.

The Act of Organizing…

And I think that’s why. I just don’t get satisfaction out of the act of organizing. I get satisfaction out of doing. And the act of refining and improving. However, I’m pledging to you right now to stop the spinning plates… at least for this week. Tomorrow morning I’m going to organize and plan the posts for the week as a way of treating myself.

Treating myself? Why, yes. According to Gabby Bernstein, getting organized is a sign of self-respect. I’m going to try to respect myself tomorrow, and for the rest of the week. If it goes well, and I think it will, I’m going to work harder on getting out in front of these posts to have a better experience for you, and for me. Here’s to no more spinning plates.

I’ll report back tomorrow. Talk to you soon!

P.S. I made that graphic using Adobe Express – remember my recent post announcing it and promising to give it a try for y’all? I did. First thoughts… I prefer canva; however, integrating my Adobe libraries automatically is a game changer.

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