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Vintage Court Wedding Details: Lindsey and Andrew



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Today I am setting the scene for Lindsey’s Vintage Court Wedding Details. Excitedly, I’m sharing her Vintage Court wedding venue details, wedding floral details, and the loveliest wedding shoes and cake. As you take in these details, let your heart get in the right space to feel the southern charm and elegance of this Southern wedding at Vintage Court.

Vintage Court Wedding Details of the outside of the Southern Wedding Plantation

I remember the first time I spoke with Lindsey and Andrew. It was over a zoom call (they live in TX). In it, she shared their dreamy southern wedding venue location with me. Naturally, I googled “Vintage Court in Covington Louisiana” so I could start dreaming and planning. Obviously, I love being inspired by new places. Accordingly, I take in the surroundings and plan how they can be used to tell the wedding story. In this case, it was very simple: the incredible trees and history of the landmark wedding venue were going to be incorporated into the storytelling.

The Vintage Court Wedding Details weren’t just in the name: Lindsey had actual vintage pieces as her own wedding details. Furthermore, as you see in the rings and jewelry pieces above vintage heirlooms are important to her. It was really special that she curated such lovely pieces for her wedding. As such, I wanted to document them well, and artistically.

More Vintage Court Wedding Posts are Coming Soon!

Over the following days, I will be updating the blog with posts about Lindsey’s wedding. I’ll be sharing their Vintage Court Real Wedding story, and also their wedding portraits. Be sure to stay tuned for those! The southern, outdoor wedding portraits are to-die-for. We timed the lighting just right to capture golden hour outside in multiple settings. You’ll definitely want to see them! Oh, and only come back to the blog for the story part if you love seeing people laughing and smiling and generally happy. I felt pain in my cheeks after smiling so much on Saturday! Hopefully, you’ll feel that same way after you read these blog posts!

Talk to you soon,

Oh, and check this out if you want to see pretty things from their Rehearsal Dinner at Annadele’s in Covington!

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