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Happy Easter from the Benfields



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Happy Easter from the Benfields! This Easter was filled with great food and family time. Tyler’s parents (whom I adore and love spending time with) came to Rogers to hang out with us. Anytime they come over, I try to treat them with my culinary prowess. (I’m lol’ing) I whipped up a charcuterie board and then I cooked filet mignon sous vide (something I talked about in this post). I forgot to take a photo of the steaks, but here is the charcuterie board I created.

They really are wonderful parents and I’m very thankful for each of them. Nana (What Scout calls Tyler’s mom) helps so much watching Scout when we travel and I always appreciate what she does to help. Baba (Scout’s nickname for Tyler’s dad) helps keep Scout laughing and playing and has so much energy. But more than what they do for Scout, they are such really great humans that I love spending time with. All that to say, that’s why I love treating them when they come over. It’s just a little way that I know how to show my gratitude for the two best parents-in-law in the world.

After we scarfed down the coolest looking charcuterie board, we went to Scout’s school for an Easter egg hunt. It was her first one where she actually understood what to do and the point of it all, and she had a blast. Also, Tyler looked super hot, so here’s a picture.

Finally we ran to Bass Pro after the hunt was over for our appointment to see the Easter bunny. This was the 2nd year in a row that we met the EB at Bass Pro. It’s so convenient, and I get my yearly Bass Pro visit out of the way (I don’t fish or hunt so I don’t find myself needing to visit). Scout loved seeing the Easter bunny. She wasn’t too afraid, but did want mama to go with her. I took my camera and snagged the above shot. All in all, it was a sweet and relatively low-key holiday weekend.

I hope you and your family had a great weekend celebrating Easter! Feel free to drop a note below to share what you did!

Happy Easter from the Benfields,

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