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When I get asked if I do videography, I think in my mind that I’m a Photographer Who Shoots Video. As you might know, my dad got me a camera when I was in high school and I immediately fell in love with it (and found out I was pretty good with it). To me, photography and videography were so very different. I would use my camera to capture beautiful things and beautiful people. Then when I started shooting weddings, I used my camera to tell beautiful stories.

Video, on the other hand, was prevalent in my life as a child. My brother and I would make ridiculous home movies, recreating Jerry Springer episodes and music vidoes of our favorite songs. True story.

When I first started Benfield Photography in the mid-2000s, that same brother shot video at my weddings (for an additional fee, of course). He and I had a similar eye and style, so it complemented my photography seamlessly. But after he left the company to spend more time with his family, I stopped offering video.

In a strange twist of fate, 2020 had me dusting off a lot of the skills I learned in college (I shot and edited video in my journalism/mass communications major), and I learned how to fly drones. When we started shooting again, I added video to my repertoir, shooting commercial videography. Still, I was a photographer who shoots video.

Benfield Photography is Now Offering Wedding Videography

Now that I’m a couple years in to shooting video alongside photography, I’m happy share that now offer wedding videography for weddings I am hired to shoot photography for (again, additional fees of course). I’ll be sharing some video of some current weddings soon, so subscribe to the blog to be the first to see these projects as they go live.

I see a huge opportunity for destination weddings. As I am hired to photograph weddings in Mexico, Italy, and across the world, it makes sense financially to have Benfield Photography shoot wedding video as well. This would save the wedding couple from having to find, hire, and fly a video team in addition to the photo team.

I’ve also been leveling up my video gear! I recently fell in love with the new Edelkrone video slider and tilt head to elevate my video photography. It’s a game changer! Gear is a big part of shooting video, as it requires additional skills and tech.

If you’re interested in having Benfield Photography shoot your wedding video, 1) I must be the photographer at the event; 2) hit me up! I’d love to chat about it!

Talk to you soon,

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