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Vendor Spotlight: Bloom Events and Design



The blog contains little bits of my life, my passions, and my work. I update it daily so there is always something new to come see.





Today we are sitting down with Bloom Events and Design to chat about weddings and what is fun in the industry. Brittany and I met just after she moved to NWA from Dallas. She and I quickly became friends and regularly have work days where we go over what’s going on in our lives, in our businesses, etc. I love these times because not only am I super productive, I get to work next to one of my good friends!

00:00:00:01 – 00:00:01:03
Hey, everybody.

00:00:01:03 – 00:00:06:00
Today I am here with Brittany from Brittany Bloom Events and Design. And we’re going to talk all things wedding.

00:00:08:10 – 00:00:10:00
Hello, Brittany.

00:00:17:11 – 00:00:19:08
Dale, thank you for having me.

00:00:19:08 – 00:00:21:01
I’m so excited for this.

00:00:21:01 – 00:00:24:03
It’s so good to see you.

How Bloom Events and Design Started…

00:00:24:08 – 00:00:27:24
So I want to start with kind of the history of Brittany Bloom Events and Design. Give me the rundown. Hey. Yeah. All right. So we’re in our sixth year… fifth year…

00:00:39:15 – 00:00:42:20
And I started this business after I quit my corporate job.

00:00:43:08 – 00:00:45:14
I, I know.

00:00:45:21 – 00:00:46:18

00:00:47:13 – 00:00:51:00
I was an interior designer for a bunch of corporate firms doing high end hotels for a while, and it just was not the right vibe.

00:00:56:09 – 00:00:57:15
I just wasn’t working anymore.

00:00:57:15 – 00:01:03:09
And so I always wanted to do events and had always done them for, like, friends and family, done a few, like, friends weddings already. But, um, my husband Eric, was actually the one that was like, You’ve been talking about this forever. Just do it already.
And so two days later, I went in and quit my job, and he was like, wow. I was kind of hoping we’d have a plan first, but, OK, let’s do this. And here we are.

00:01:23:18 – 00:01:27:12
And I was in my first six months, I had my first six clients, and we have just spiraled from there
in a bunch of different markets.

00:01:33:00 – 00:01:36:11
And I’m we’re on track for our busiest year. I can’t believe I’m saying that again for the second year in a row.

00:01:39:04 – 00:01:40:20
Nice. Yeah.

00:01:41:24 – 00:01:42:20
It’s amazing.

What makes Bloom Events and Design Unique?

00:01:42:20 – 00:01:46:15
So what is it that makes you unique?

00:01:46:22 – 00:01:52:03
There are tons of wedding vendors, and all of us have our own special things. What is it that makes. So I think for me is really my background in interior design.
I’m not just about the logistics side of things, obviously.
Yes, I can manage budget budgets, and I can put together a timeline and get you from point A to point B, but it’s so much more than that for me.
It’s about the experience that my clients and their guests have.
So creating that from like invitation to execution and everything in between um, I’m really about the atmosphere and how the colors relate to the couple and what we can put in there that is them versus
just like putting vendors together.

00:02:33:07 – 00:02:34:19
Nice. Very cool.

00:02:34:19 – 00:02:36:12
Yeah. It’s such a great service.

00:02:36:12 – 00:02:41:22
And especially for those who, who aren’t good at design, they know they want the wedding of their dreams that they like, just not their thing.

00:02:45:18 – 00:02:46:17
And that is your thing?

00:02:46:17 – 00:02:49:19
Yeah, it is my thing. It’s my damn floor.

00:02:49:20 – 00:02:52:03
And plans are like second nature to me. And a mood board is always on the top of my list
when we get started.

00:02:57:17 – 00:03:00:09
Well, speaking of like wedding designs and fun things like that, what are your favorite maybe trends or kind of what’s cool, what’s catching your eye right now in the wedding world?

00:03:08:05 – 00:03:12:22
OK, so design wise, I’m really loving.
There are a bunch of brides that are not scared of color this year, which is so exciting for me because don’t get me wrong, like a white wedding is stunningand gorgeous and like, I’m all like, I’m here for it,
but I love to get to play with some color.

00:03:27:20 – 00:03:30:12
I mean, look, you know. Right. I’ve got some I got some great clients this year that and I’m just seeing that trend of, like, the moms and the moodier and people not afraid to put in like some texture with velvet
that’s looking really cool.

On the Fun Side…

00:03:44:04 – 00:03:45:18
And then on the fun side of things, I’m sure we’ve all seen the viral videos of the flower men. Yeah, I’ve got a few photos coming up which I think are going to behysterical and great night.

00:03:56:16 – 00:03:59:21
And yeah, it’s just I think those are the biggest ones that I’m seeing.

00:03:59:22 – 00:04:03:19
I’m also being a little more intentional with the guest list, and we’re seeing a lot of those more intimate weddings versus the, the full, you know, 400 people but I think a lot of that might be pandemic related, but we’ll see where it goes.

00:04:15:18 – 00:04:18:10
Yeah, I definitely was maybe influenced by that.

00:04:18:10 – 00:04:20:01
And then, you know, some people went back to having the big humongous things,

00:04:23:09 – 00:04:25:03
but then other people were like, you know what?
I want just a more a more intimate vibe.
And both work Yeah.

00:04:31:24 – 00:04:35:04
It kind of depends on the personality relationships of each and every wedding.

00:04:36:09 – 00:04:37:19
But yeah, I’ve noticed that, too.

00:04:37:19 – 00:04:39:17
It’s cool.

A Side Note about Weddings and Relationships…

00:04:39:17 – 00:04:42:22
I, you know, for me, weddings has always been about relationships.

00:04:43:16 – 00:04:46:05
Yes. And, you know, that’s that’s why I’m there.

00:04:46:05 – 00:04:50:05
I build relationships with my couples, and I love getting to know the ins and outs of of them and and stuff.

00:04:53:13 – 00:04:56:06
So it’s cool to see how that influences their wedding.

00:04:56:08 – 00:04:59:01
It is so cool because I love it when I get to work with you on those on those weddings because you and I are both so similar in the fact of we are about not just working with the couple, but like they’re our friends
by the end of the wedding. Yes.

00:05:10:21 – 00:05:11:16
Yeah, exactly.

00:05:11:16 – 00:05:13:16
Whether they want to be or not, like I’m going to be.

00:05:13:16 – 00:05:16:22
They I want people in my consultations.

00:05:16:23 – 00:05:19:19
I’m like, look, I’m a lot and it’s OK.

00:05:19:19 – 00:05:20:18
If I’m not for you.

00:05:20:18 – 00:05:23:07
But like if I am, like, I’m all in.

00:05:23:07 – 00:05:24:15
I’m here for you.

00:05:24:15 – 00:05:26:19
Yes. That’s that’s the perfect approach.

00:05:26:19 – 00:05:30:24
Like, I, I’ve been that way for like now
I realize I’m not for every every bride.

00:05:31:00 – 00:05:31:18

00:05:32:01 – 00:05:32:17
But you know what?

00:05:32:17 – 00:05:35:19
The ones that I am for, man.

00:05:36:18 – 00:05:38:19
Turns out impeccably.

00:05:39:03 – 00:05:41:04
Yes. Mm hmm. Oh, yeah.

What’s Next for Bloom Events?

00:05:41:04 – 00:05:43:21
So what is next for? For you?

00:05:44:16 – 00:05:46:02
So there’s a lot coming up.

00:05:46:02 – 00:05:48:18
On the wedding side of things…

00:05:48:24 – 00:05:52:03
We are looking to expand in the Kansas City market.

00:05:52:03 – 00:05:54:00
I mean, we already travel everywhere, and obviously,

00:05:54:00 – 00:05:57:20
I came from Dallas to Arkansas, but we travel as it is.

00:05:57:20 – 00:06:02:04
But we’re being a little more intentional about promoting out in the Kansas City.

00:06:02:13 – 00:06:03:18
It’s where Eric and I are both from.

00:06:03:18 – 00:06:08:07
And I’d like to see my my give myself an excuse to see my family in the process.

00:06:08:07 – 00:06:11:03
Also, just like here,always go see your grandparents

00:06:13:18 – 00:06:15:21
And then we are also expanding our business into the interior design side of things.

00:06:19:05 – 00:06:22:14
And we’re looking to do some small residential projects.

00:06:22:14 – 00:06:25:17
We’re starting on our own house, hence the reason we’re outside right now.

00:06:26:04 – 00:06:28:23
We are reviewing some things.

00:06:28:23 – 00:06:31:04
We don’t want all that construction noise, but

00:06:31:23 – 00:06:35:24
we’re doing small these small little projects at the moment.

00:06:35:24 – 00:06:37:23
Some kitchens and living rooms.

00:06:37:23 – 00:06:39:06
Nurseries are my favorite,

00:06:40:10 – 00:06:42:06
so we’ll see where that goes.

00:06:42:06 – 00:06:44:14
You know, I had to jump back in a little bit.

00:06:44:24 – 00:06:47:06
Yeah. Nice. Oh, that’s great.

00:06:47:06 – 00:06:50:09
I mean, you’re filling all your your cups, so.

00:06:50:15 – 00:06:53:12
Yeah, so it’s that is the that is the big thing.

00:06:53:12 – 00:06:56:21
And then we’re expanding with I’ve had to hire more people to we’re just.

00:06:57:22 – 00:07:01:18
So many events and so we, it, we’ve got some more girls coming on, on a more permanent basis.

00:07:03:03 – 00:07:05:05
And it’s exciting.

00:07:05:05 – 00:07:06:12
That is exciting.

How Can Brides Reach Out to Bloom Events?

00:07:06:12 – 00:07:09:18
So final question is, how can bridesor maybe remodel clients get in touch with you.

00:07:15:06 – 00:07:18:04
So you can always check out the website which is
or you can Google… we’re on there
right there. We’re on Instagram,

00:07:27:15 – 00:07:32:19
Bloom E and D it’s also our Facebook our Pinterest it’s nice and easy.

00:07:33:02 – 00:07:37:05
Shoot me an emails or fill out our contact form and we’d love to talk to you.

00:07:38:10 – 00:07:41:22
Nice and I will link all those whenever we post this.

00:07:42:07 – 00:07:43:20
Yes. Awesome.

00:07:43:20 – 00:07:45:06
Well, thank you so much, Brittney.

00:07:45:06 – 00:07:47:16
It was so nice to see you as always.

00:07:47:22 – 00:07:50:09
Thank you. Congratulations and all your success.

00:07:51:01 – 00:07:52:10
Thank you so much.

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Talk to you soon,

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