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Wedding Reception at Hillside Estate



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Wedding Reception at Hillside Estate Details

At Caroline and Daniel’s Wedding Reception at Hillside Estate, no detail was missed. As a matter of fact, I want to play a game. How many times in today’s post do you see the wedding couple’s personal monogram? I’ll start by showing you what it looks like… here is their custom monogram on the dance floor.

These table settings and centerpieces are so creative. Hunter at Hunter Orcutt did all the settings and every table was different! Bravo!

The reception ballroom at Hillside Estate has incredible chandeliers. I included the shot below on the left to show it’s size to scale with the tables. So impressive, right?

I love a great, long head table. This head table seated 40!

Outdoor Wedding Reception Details

After dinner, the couple made plans to take their reception outdoors. They had a 360 degree bar, clear-tented dance space, and a ton of lounge seating. Do you notice how everything is cohesive with color palette, look and feel? The DFW wedding vendors involved in this event were best in class.

Pups and cakes! (two of my favorite things)

So far, this blog post has been all about the details. However, there was quite the party! Let’s dive in to that, shall we?

Wedding Reception Storytelling Moments at Hillside Estate

Caroline and Daniel had such a fun interest. This shot is the one time I don’t mind there being a million phones pointed at the wedding couple. BTW, super thankful the officiant asked everyone to put their phones away at the ceremony and be present. Leave the photos to me, and you enjoy! It’s not like it takes me long to get the images finished and to you. Oh, and mine probably look a bit better, haha!

A champagne tower is always a fun time. The hand shot was an image I secretly (silently) photographed when the couple was praying. What a sweet moment.

I love a good group picture montage. All the wedding guests looked so lovely, so of course, we took all their photographs. The couple, I’m sure, wanted all these as well!

This cake was so fun to photograph. It looked so great (and thin, like our couple lol). I don’t eat wedding cake but it sure looked good!

Dancey-Dance Time

For the first dance and last dance, I used Caroline’s available lighting that coordinated with her wedding colors. It helps the entire color story of the wedding day remain cohesive and consistent. Also, how about these dance moves! Okaaaaay!

Her father/daughter dance wasn’t too shabby either.

Then Jordan Kahn Music Company brought the party. The custom-designed dance floor was full the entire night.

More group shots, you say? Your photo wishes are my command!

The couple hired a cigar roller and the guests partook of the fun favor. Cool shot and lighting by Tyler, who shot this wedding with me.

So.Much.Fun. The dancing… the trombone-limbo game… and yes… the cowbell. More cowbell!

The night flew by. Though we were there for 10 hours on this wedding day, it felt like 10 minutes. This last dance moment is everything.

I have saved this shot for last. What a way to end the Wedding Reception at Hillside Estate. Cold sparkler showers are my freaking favorite! Tyler snagged this behind-the-couple shot, which I love because you can see their reactions.

If you’re looking for the wedding ceremony at Hillside Estate, check this out:

Talk to you soon,

DFW Best Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Photographer in Dallas: Benfield Photography
Texas Wedding Venue: The Hillside Estate
Wedding Planner: Hunter Orcutt Events
Rentals: Posh Couture Rentals
Catering: CN Catering
Cermony Music: Dallas String Quartet
Floral Design: Three Branches
Reception Entertainment: Jordan Kahn Music Company
Event Lighting: Beyond
Reception Tent: Sandone Productions
Dance Floor: Center Stage Floors
Reception Decor: Perch Decor
Hair and Makeup: Brite Beauty
Bartenders: Mama’s Medicine
Videographer: 14forty.studios
Cake: Fancy Cakes By Lauren Kitchens

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