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Wedding Portraits at Hillside Estate / DFW Wedding Photographer



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Wedding Portraits at Hillside Estate / DFW Wedding Photographer

We shot Wedding Portraits at Hillside Estate not once, not twice, but THREE times on Caroline and Daniel’s wedding day. TBH, I just couldn’t help myself! Caroline and Daniel didn’t do a first look together before the wedding, which is usually a time when I would shoot wedding portraits. Instead, we shot our first portrait session inside the all-white wedding chapel at The Hillside Estate in Cross Roads, TX. Our second set of portraits took place outside The HIllside Estate by the fountain and then inside on the grand double-sided staircase in the entry. I don’t often spend a lot of time photographing portraits inside a wedding venue. But then again, not many wedding venues look as incredible as this one does on the inside.

Finally, I kept my eye on the sun as it was starting to set in the Dallas sky, waiting for the perfect moment for golden hour portraits. When it was where I wanted it to be, I pulled the couple away from the wedding reception and into the most beautiful Benny Backlight ever. Sometimes I shoot backlight where it looks more like a silhouette, but for Caroline and Daniel I exposed my images for skin tones and they came out absolutely beautifully.

Wedding Portraits Hardly Seem Like Work When…

I tell you what… it sure makes my shooting easy when the couple has fun with one another on the wedding day. Here the bride and groom share a fun laugh during portraits. This gives a glimpse into how these two are so connected. Just look at their reactions during these Wedding Portraits at Hillside Estate.

So, this high key image was doing using my camera setting super powers. It looks like I brought an actual photo studio to the wedding and shot there, but y’all… I didn’t! Just some camera magic and a gorgeous couple.

A soft and sweet kiss perfectly placed on the bride’s cheek creates a romantic image.

I’ve gone on and on about Caroline’s Monique Lhiullier dress. However, can we pause for a moment and admire her incredible wedding veil?

bride and groom walk off into the sunset during their wedding portraits at Hillside Estate.

That last of the Wedding Portraits at Hillside Estate is a nod to the endings of my favorite movies. A bride and groom heading off into the sunset as they start their new life together… well, it just melts me. I’m so honored to be Caroline’s wedding photographer. Her mother told me “there is no one Caroline would trust more than you to photograph her wedding.” That meant so much to hear. Knowing that I was able to capture such stunning Wedding Portraits at Hillside Estate of the couple makes me PROUD. As a luxury wedding photographer, it’s my vision and my goal to do this for each and every Benny Bride.

Talk to you soon,

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