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A Photographer’s Ultimate Wedding Checklist



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In today’s post, I’m going to share my Luxury Wedding Photographer‘s Ultimate Wedding Checklist. Do you ever wonder how a photographer prepares for a wedding? Obviously, As a Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photographer, I don’t just wake up on a given wedding day morning and hope everything goes perfectly. There is a lot of time, energy, and effort I put in long before the wedding day arrives.

How a Photographer Prepares for a Wedding

Every luxury wedding is different. As such, each and every luxury wedding should have a well-planned approach that is carefully and meticulously thought out. For example, if the ceremony and reception occur after the sun sets, with no first look (should you have a wedding first look?), it requires different gear than an outdoor wedding in the afternoon.

L'auberge Del Mar luxury wedding at night required advanced planning to execute perfectly.

Also, having a plan for inclement weather is key; Not just with the photography gear the photographer brings, but also with the photo locations at the wedding venue. There are so many other variables photographers encounter on the wedding day that require attention and thought, so below is this luxury wedding photographer‘s approach to a wedding day.

Photographer’s Ultimate Wedding Checklist: One Month Before the Wedding

A month before: finalize equipment checklist and timeline. I take inventory of what equipment will be needed to completely cover the event as needed. With larger events involving 2nd shooters, 3rd shooters, and a wedding videographer, more equipment is needed. In such instances, placing a rental order for additional equipment is necessary. The earlier you do this the better.

Also during this time, I have the final wedding agenda meeting with the wedding planner and the couple. Knowing the ins and outs of the wedding day are crucial to successfully photograph a luxury wedding. Beware of any photographer who skips this all-important step!

Hillside Estate Wedding Ceremony in the all white chapel with lots of natural light

Photographer’s Ultimate Wedding Checklist: One Week Before the Wedding

A week before: clean and prep camera gear, reach out to bride and planner for any last minute changes, and re-familiarize yourself with venue if needed. I also read the latest wedding magazines and blogs to get the creative juices flowing. Because I sometimes have weddings on back-to-back weekends, I also take this time to get the family and wedding party straight. I do this a week before in case I have any questions for the bride and groom.

bridal magazines used for a photographer's inspiration before a wedding day

I’ve quoted this before but it is so relevant in today’s post: Getting organized is a sign of self-respect!

Photographer’s Ultimate Wedding Checklist: The Day Before the Wedding

The day before: I charge all my batteries and get new flash batteries. I format my camera media cards, pack my gear, set my phone wallpaper with the outline, and refresh myself on family and wedding party dynamics.

The day of: I eat a big meal because I never leave the bride on the wedding day unless absolutely necessary. I also sleep in if possible so I’m as fresh as can be for the entire night.

So there you have it! This is how I approach a wedding day for a luxury wedding in Arkansas, or a destination wedding (though that requires a little bit more detail, which I can cover in a later post). I hope this helps the photographers who read this blog, and the brides who want to see what happens behind the scenes in a luxury wedding photography studio.

Talk to you soon,

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