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The Importance of Fine Dining Food Photography at a Wedding



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Fine Dining Food Photography is a necessary skill for any luxury wedding photographer. At the Northwest Arkansas weddings I photograph, Benny brides spend so much effort and attention (not to mention money) on making sure the menu is perfect for the guests. As such, the culinary team takes great care to craft beautiful dishes and plating presentations. The last thing I would want is for all that hard work, time, and attention to detail go to waste. Because of that, I spent a lot of time studying and perfecting upscale Food Photography as a luxury wedding photographer.

Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph some really beautiful dishes. These dishes were hand-crafted by some talented chefs and culinary directors across the United States. You eat with your eyes first, before any food touches your lips. These five dishes are as beautiful as they come. Warning: do not read the descriptions on an empty stomach. They’re sure to make your mouth water. I wrote those descriptions myself from my background in culinary; if I goofed anything up, just look at the Fine Dining Food Photography, and forget about the words, lol

Fine Dining Food Photography featuring grilled alaskan salmon
Fine Dining Food Photography featuring a caprese salad

Need Fine Dining Food Photography?

Fine Dining Food Photography can be it’s own tricky animal. The right gear is part of the challenge, but more so is the angle, the knowledge of food prep, and how to find the dish’s best possible angle to accentuate. If you’re a Northwest Arkansas restaurant that needs a photographer, contact Benfield Photography and let’s chat!

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