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Luxury Boudoir Portraits Session: NSFW



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In addition to luxury wedding photography, I also shoot Luxury Boudoir Portraits. Recently, I teamed up with Janessa for some luxury boudoir photography. I’m sharing a few of my favorites today. Warning, they are NSFW. Janessa brought tons of different lingerie options for the shoot (We shot more than 10 looks), and we captured so many great boudoir images. I included a few of my favorite outfits below.

What to Wear For Luxury Boudoir Portraits

First, we shot in a leather jacket that goes great in a boudoir photo shoot. Then we switched to a fishnet bodysuit for a more seductive boudoir image. Finally, I wanted to share this shot with a white button-down men’s shirt for a playful boudoir setup.

Luxury Boudoir Portraits of sexy blonde model in leather with bright red lips and no shirt or bra.

This luxury photo definitely has Marilyn Monroe vibes. Btw, I’ve done a post on What is Luxury Wedding Photography, but I think I need to do one about what luxury boudoir photography is!

Luxury boudoir photos of sultry and sexy blonde in fishnet lingerie lying on a bed with her hand in her hair.
Luxury girl boudoir photos of blonde girl wearing an open unbuttoned burberry mens button-down shirt and black panties with her legs spread.

To create a successful boudoir image, a lot of it has to do with attitude. Confidence is always sexy, so looking and feeling confident comes across easily in luxury boudoir photos. You can see this in the image below.

Luxury girl boudoir photos of skinny blonde with tattoos lying seductive on the bed.

We shot these Luxury Boudoir Portraits at the Graduate Hotel, which gave us some variety in the backgrounds. I also brought my portable studio and black backdrop that I used a lot during this marathon boudoir session.

Talk to you soon,

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