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The Best Advice to Photograph Your Own Kids



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Yesterday I received the Best Advice to Photograph Your Own Kids. I was in my buddy’s photo studio in Albany NY getting ready for two weddings this weekend. I brought my camera to the studio, and Scout was sporting a new kids’ Burberry outfit. We took her into the natural light studio to shoot a few images and found myself getting frustrated. Scout didn’t want to have her picture taken. Sometimes she asks me to take her photo, and sometimes she doesn’t want anything to do with my camera. This was one of those times when she just wanted to run around in circles instead of posing for a photograph.

Yesterday I talked about Talking to Kids About School Shootings but today we are keeping it very lighthearted.

The Best Advice to Photograph Your Own Kids, shown by this toddler girl in burberry romper and gucci sunglasses

Tyler was with me in the studio and could sense my frustration. After a minute or two of Scout not listening and me audibly huffing, Tyler said something brilliant. And this is the best advice to photograph your own kids I have ever received. She said, “why don’t you treat her like one of your clients’ kids.”

That was all I needed. A simple mindset shift made all the difference. As a result, I pivoted. My approach changed to a playful one, and I gave Scout a couple of options for fun things to do (which would make for a great photo). Then, the entire mood in the room changed. We started having fun and laughing. Consequently, the photos improved immediately. So, that was the Best Advice to Photograph Your Own Kids.

Here is the final result:

The Best Advice to Photograph Your Own Kids, shown by this toddler girl in burberry romper sitting on a wooden box.

Talk to you soon,

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