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What to Wear for Engagement Photos



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If you’re engaged, you might be wondering What to Wear for Engagement Photos. It’s a pretty important question, as these photos will get a lot of use during your engagement and after your wedding.

What to Wear for Timeless Engagement Photos

One of the most important things to consider when choosing engagement photo outfits is your personal style; however, you want to turn your style into something timeless. If you are one who dresses up often, doing so with timeless clothing selections is going to be the best option. Or, if you are living in comfy and casual clothing, you can find a timeless version of that as well.

My recent engagement portrait shoot with Beth and Blake is a really great example of what you should wear to your engagement photos. They brought two outfits for the shoot, and both of them were timeless. The black and white outfits ensured these would be timeless. Beth has a sexy and sophisticated style, so finding two outfits that fit into that style was her main objective. She did so by finding a short dress with puffy shoulders and long sleeves with buttons on the cuffs for her first outfit. For her second outfit, she wore an oversized white blazer with no pants or shirt (the blazer covered very well).

engagement photo outfit ideas of a young couple wearing semi-formal outfits for engagement photos

What to Wear for Formal Engagement Photos

If you want to know what to wear for formal engagement photos, here we go. First, avoid anything trendy. Again, timeless is key for formal engagement photos. You will want to look back on these photographs in ten years and still feel happy thoughts about your outfit selections. While you don’t have to wear a tux or ball gown, wearing a more formal dress and a dark suit will certainly withstand the test of time. Cameron work a gorgeous sequin dress while Beau matched her level of elegance with a dark suit. Complete the look with appropriate shoes.

black and white luxury engagement picture of couple with kansas city skyline behind them

What to Wear for Mountain Engagement Photos.

You’re about to notice a repeated pattern here in my top tips for what you should wear for your engagement photos. For wanderlust engagements and mountain engagement photos, you still want to wear something timeless. Well-fitting clothes that coordinate well with each other is key. Hannah and Derek did this beautifully for their mountain engagement shoot near Malibu, California. Derek wore a black long-sleeved shirt with khaki pants and black shoes, while Hannah’s full-length black dress and earth-toned saddles perfectly accentuation Derek’s outfit. Their colors helped me choose the exact spot to shoot their engagement photos as well, as I wanted them to pop in the photo but also make it feel like the couple belonged in the space.

What to Wear for Luxury Engagement Photos

Sean and Sydnie know about luxury. Their portrait session followed my rules to be timeless, but had beautiful elements of luxury. Notice that luxury doesn’t mean formal. He wore an untucked button down shirt that was perfectly tailored paired with dark un-distressed denim. He included a luxury watch and great shoes. Sydnie work a full-length silky satin dress that was more complimentary than matchy to Sean’s outfit. She also brought in some luxury details in her jewelry and accessories. Another great tough of having luxury engagement pictures is getting hair and makeup done prior to the photo shoot. There is of course added cost, but it certainly improves the engagement photos.

What to Wear for Engagement Photos in Paris.

Let’s say you’re doing a destination engagement session. Let’s do the ultimate romantic destination engagement location: Paris France! Lindsay and Mark embraced Parisian style for this session. She work a sleek black dress with nude Christian Louboutin heels and Mark work a great button down shirt with textured dress pants and black boots. They will definitely look back at these photos in 20 years and be thankful they wore classic, timeless outfits for their engagement photos in Paris.

What to Wear for Lifestyle Engagement Photos at Home

Finally, let’s talk about what to wear at the opposite of a destination wedding: a home engagement session. For Sloane and Zach’s photo shoot, we chose comfy and casual clothes with a timeless color palette. Jeans with long-sleeve tops give off all the cuddle vibes. What I love about this is 1) it’s timeless; 2) their kids are going to look back at these in 20 years to see how in love their parents are. That’s really special!

In Home Lifestyle Family Portraits of a couple getting messy in the kitchen with flour

You’ll notice that all of the examples showed outfit selections that didn’t have any words or graphics, which can be distracting and date an image. Also, it’s important to note that you don’t have to match, but instead coordinate colors and textures.

If you follow these simple rules, you’ll know exactly what to wear for engagement photos that you’ll love in 5, 10, and 20 years!

Talk to you soon,

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