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Benfield Photography Reviews: Recent Love Notes



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I’ve been getting some Benfield Photography Reviews lately and I thought I would share the love. I get to work with the most incredible wedding vendors all over the country. Not to mention… the most beautiful brides and grooviest grooms. Each wedding is a different experience, because each wedding is almost its own living, breathing organism. Through it all, my goal is to deliver the best images possible while also giving personalized attention and top-notch service.

Couple on top of the Sagamore wedding venue in NY. The planner wrote positive Benfield Photography reviews for Dale's work after the wedding.

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of photographing not one, but two weddings in upstate NY. My best man and best buddy JP needed some help so he put me on a plane to shoot two incredible weddings. I got to work with some of his favorite and best Albany NY wedding vendors. One of the wedding coordinators from the weekend, Casey from Katie O’ Events, had this to say about me (and my heart grew three sizes):

Real Benfield Photography Reviews:

As a professional wedding planner, it can be tricky to find photographers that click with our clients, have creative energy (and still love what they do) and is team player on wedding day and Dale checks every one of those boxes!

He was accommodating and reliable throughout the planning process. Very quick to get back to myself and the client – which is so important when trying to nail down a timeline.

And SO MUCH FUN to work with on wedding day. He was able to make the couple feel really comfortable in front of the camera.

He also has not been to the venue before, which is no issue for Dale. Dale had a fresh take on the locations and had creative ideas instead of the “same old same old” types of wedding pictures you see at the venue.

10/10 would refer Dale to future couples.

Casey, Katie O’ Events

Wasn’t that so sweet? I can’t say enough nice things about Casey and the other vendors I worked with this weekend. I’m thankful for this industry, these incredible weddings, and the kindest vendors and clients!

If you want to read more Benfield Photography Reviews, here you go!

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