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Fine Art Black and White Headshots for Travis



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I love photographing Fine Art Black and White Headshots. After posting some on my Instagram, Travis reached out to me to get some of his very own (though I think I’ll be back soon to photograph the rest of his sweet family). Travis and I know each other through his wife, Emily, who owns Alphalit NWA. We have teamed up on weddings, styled weddings, and she has hired me to take her family photos previously.

If Travis Swanson looks familiar, that’s because he played football for Arkansas and then in the NFL for Detroit and Miami. He certainly looks different from his playing days. He’s almost Clark Kent-ish here, don’t you think? These Fine Art Black and White Headshots bring that out even more so.

Travis isn’t the first NFL athlete I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. I had the honor of photographing Sam Bradford’s wedding in Aspen, Zach Hocker’s wedding at Sassafras Springs Vineyard, and Mike Briesel’s wedding in Fayetteville, and Jose Valdez’s wedding in Rogers. Each time I photograph someone famous or who has spent time in the spotlight, I’m surprised by how kind they are. Travis is no exception. He takes a genuine interest in you and makes you feel so important when you talk with him. That’s such a great quality.

If you would like Black and White Headshots, contact Benfield Photography and let’s chat!

Talk to you soon,

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