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Luxury Kindred North Wedding Details



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luxury wedding details for Kindred North wedding, including Blakeman's Fine Jewelry ring and earrings, chanel no 5 perfume, and greenery.

Hannah and Derek incorporated so many Luxury Kindred North Wedding Details into their wedding day. As I set the scene for their wedding at Kindred North and Kindred North wedding portraits, I wanted to give y’all the full view and all the little details that made up the entire day.

Exterior photo of Kindred Barn reception venue in Bentonville Arkansas

Hannah and Derek used color to tell some of their wedding day story, as you’ll see in the beautiful floral arrangements and colorful candles. I love a great color pop against a neutral or white background. Check out the pops of color in the wedding details below.

One of my favorite Luxury Kindred Barn Wedding Details from Hannah’s wedding was her bridal bouquet. The combination of colors and contrasting sizes in the bouquet make this one of my all-time favorite wedding bouquets.

Luxury bridal floral bouquet with pinks and red blooms.

So may of the wedding details are for the wedding day only. I love seeing wedding details that you can actually take home and continue to enjoy. The next Luxury Kindred Barn Wedding Detail I wanna show is the custom-printed cornhole game the wedding couple had made. Notice that the couple customized both the bean bags and the cornhole tables with the couple’s wedding date and names.

Back inside, here is a tight shot of the sweetheart table, one of my favorite Luxury Kindred North Wedding Details from the wedding day. Note to brides: these colorful candles burn quickly, so bring extra!

Luxe florals and candles at Kindred North wedding reception details.

Below I’m going to share a collage of all table details from Hannah and Derek’s wedding at Kindred North. They designed the space with a combination of long tables and round tables. They also balanced out tall floral centerpieces and short, colorful floral arrangements.

Because the wedding was outside in June, the bride and groom had ornate wooden hand fans for the guests to use. Aren’t they pretty? NGL, I kept mine so I could take it home to Scout.

ornate wooden hand fans for guests to use at an outdoor wedding in the summer

For the cocktail hour, Hannah and Derek had some really fun wedding details, including charcuterie cones! Yes, Charcuterie cones! Can we please make charcuterie cones be at every wedding? The guests loved them because they were so convenient to carry around and snack on. Also, did you see the same logo on the cups that were on the custom cornhole game? Well played, Hannah and Derek!

Finally, I wanted to share the wedding cake. Simple and beautiful, with a pop of color in the fresh florals adorning it.

Make sure to come back for more from this beautiful wedding at Kindred North. And for wedding portraits at Kindred North.

Talk to you soon,

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