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Sunday Weekly Roundup



The blog contains little bits of my life, my passions, and my work. I update it daily so there is always something new to come see.





The Sunday Weekly Roundup is a new post I’m going to be doing each week on Sunday. Instead of having a specific focus throughout the post, like I do throughout the week, the Sunday Weekly Roundup won’t. Expect random thoughts. Expect random stories. These posts might read more like diary entries some days, and brainstorms other days. Hopefully, you’ll find it fun getting this inside glimpse!

Sunday Weekly Roundup #1


I’ve found that I love doing house projects. As one who has spent most of his adult life “too busy” to conquer honey-do lists and would rather pay to have someone come install things, put things together, or repair things, I’ve become a different person from the old Dale. I think it was because when Tyler and I were first dating, I did some project (maybe put my bed together in my new place?) and she commented how sexy I looked using the drill. It’s funny that she said that sometime in 2018 but it’s still fresh in my mind. Anyway, I think that was a motivator in the beginning.

Though it wasn’t our dream home, it’s become the home in which all my dreams have come true.

Since then, I love fixing things, remodeling rooms, and assembling everything from outdoor grills to Scout’s bicycle. They’re all like little puzzles to solve. Yes, I read the directions; however, most projects still require quite a bit of “figuring it out” to get the job done.

We now have a “smart” home. Complete with security cameras, Bluetooth deadbolts, Google speakers everywhere for surround sound, etc. I love our house. Though it wasn’t our dream home, it’s become the home in which all my dreams have come true.

Projects on Projects

I’ve got a really fun announcement coming in the next few days (or at the latest, next week). I’ve been working behind the scenes on a new project that I think will offer one more layer of service to my photography clients. I love serving and helping others (hello… I’m an enneagram #2, nice to meet you), and this new thing I’m working on will help brides, grooms, and photographers alike. Tyler is also working on a special project, and I even got to help her get her project started. Maybe I’ll get to announce her fun project in next week’s Sunday Weekly Roundup as well! I’ve loved feeling like a team with her on these new ventures we are playing with. She’s a great teammate… always supportive and encouraging. I feel like she thinks I can do anything, and I don’t hate that one bit.

Calendar Craziness

Maybe 2020 spoiled me in that I got to work from home and be near my wife and baby. That’s no longer the case. Last week, I was on the road most of the week to Missouri and Ohio to photograph some really fun events, and I missed my girls so much. This coming week I’ll be gone for half the time again. Honestly, it seems like that’s the way every week is. One of these days I’ll make enough money to fly them with me everywhere I go, lol.

Oh, speaking of Ohio, I booked my first wedding in Ohio! I’ve shot tons of events, and have family and senior sessions lined up there, but this is my first wedding in Ohio! I adore the bride (a talented chef) and can’t wait to see her marry the love of her life. That brings the total number of states where I’ve photographed a wedding to EIGHTEEN! That’s pretty cool.

Many Thanks!

Recently, I posted a family mini session signup for the first time in 8 or so years. I sold out of spots quickly and had to add a few more. I just wanted to say: if you’re one of my new family signups, THANK YOU! We will have so much fun creating and capturing memories throughout your kids’ lives! Also, some of those spots were filled before I even announced it Instagram because they are loyal blog readers. That just made me feel so thankful! I love this little community we are creating!

So with that, thank you so much for reading this blog! Whatever reason you’re here (Scout? Ellie? Photography? Business? Or because you’re my mom?)… I’m happy you are. I love feeling like I get to talk to you each day. Maybe we are friends in real life; or maybe we’ve never met. I love that we have this blog to connect.

Sunday Weekly Roundup: Random Photo of the Week

I thought it would also be fun just to pull any random image each week and write a little something about it. For this inaugural event, I thought I’d post a picture of myself as a baby. I don’t have many photos of myself as a baby or a kid (hey… maybe that’s why I’m such a big fan and proponent of families having their photos taken early and often!), which I don’t understand because I look so cute. LOL.

Talk to you tomorrow!

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  1. Betty Benfield says:

    You were just as cute then as you are now! I love this Sunday roundup blog!!
    I will look forward to it every Sunday! Love you, Mom

    Yes I always read your blog! I look forward to it everyday

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