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Ellie’s Dark Side



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We all know Ellie’s Dark Side doesn’t exist. Or so we thought. We were at Star Wars at Disney today and after 18 years I finally saw Ellie’s Dark Side. Don’t believe me? Watch the following video until the end.

As you might remember, I didn’t bring my professional camera on this trip; Even if I did, I wouldn’t lug it around the Disney parks. So, when I had the idea for the photos below, I used my iPhone to photograph the image, and my iPhone to edit the image. I made sure to underexpose the image when shooting to get that dark effect. Then, I did the rest in Lightroom mobile.

The light saber is Darth Vader’s light saber, which we purchased at the Den of Antiquties. While it was pricey, it’s super legit, and the entire experience was really memorable. I’m thankful Ellie and I got to have that time together.

A few more images of Ellie’s Dark Side. Isn’t she just ferocious?

Talk to you soon,

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