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Easily, my favorite part of the Disney Vacation this week was witnessing Scout and Ellie’s sisterly love. Having two daughters that are 16 years apart in age raises questions about how the relationship will form, grow, and last. Of course, if you’ve been a Benfield Blog follower for any time, you’ll already know that Ellie has the kindest and purest heart. There is never any doubt that Ellie loves so immediately and so fully. The way she has been with Cece is a true testament to Ellie’s drive and determination in building beautiful relationships.

Scout, on the other hand, speaks her mind and is steadfast in her beliefs. I wonder where she gets that (*cough cough, her mother, *cough). It’s one of the things I’ve loved most about Tyler, and it’s one of the things I’ve loved about Scout. So, of course Scout doesn’t HAVE to love anyone if she doesn’t want to.

But she does!

Scout has taken to Ellie so well that she often prefers her sister over me. Of course, I’m just fine with that because I love seeing their little bond grow. This Disney trip was a great instrument in deepening their sisterly love. A picture tells a thousand words. Here are a few that tell you the words I have difficulty writing.

It’s just what every #girldad wants: for his kids to love each other as he loves each of them. I’m so thankful, and very very blessed for their sisterly love.

Talk to you soon,

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